Classic celtic and irish mens jewellery.
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Heraldic Cufflinks - CL200 - Silver,These stunning oval shaped heraldic cufflinks are sterling silver and made in Ireland
Heraldic Cufflinks - CL200,These cufflinks are made to order with your families coat of arms on them.
Heraldic Ring - G100 - SilverThis ring is made to order in your size and coat of arms.  . All products sent within Australia are sent through Australia Post,
ID211 Anam Cara - Mens,This ring says “My soul mate“ in gaelic, as well as incorporating the Claddagh symbol. 10ct Yellow gold.
ID225 - Celtic Cross Ring,This unusual ring is a traditional celtic cross, with Irish love knots.
S44135 - Large celtic knot pendant,This stunning silver pendant shows 4 trinity knots.
S6432 - Claddagh Cufflinks , They are sterling silver and made in Ireland.
S6433 - Trinity Cufflinks , They are sterling silver and made in Ireland.
S6434 - Trinity Cufflinks , These cufflinks shows the Trinity knot symbol.
Warrior Shield Cufflinks Silver, cufflinks show the ancient warrior shield design. They are sterling silver ,
Warrior Shield Cufflinks, They are sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold beading.

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